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Kamis, 27 November 2008

The Price Of New Car Induced At rate Hire Car

Entrepreneurs rental car plans raise rate hire cars around 10 percents, related to rise it new car price. So it, new rate later only valids for to hire new car or for product car 2007 upward.

According To Susilo, organizer Mobilindo Rent a Car, percentage rate increase of hire cars revolve 10 %, related to rise the price of car. But, this new rate is later only valids for production car year 2007 upward.

"For new car or has just having age one years or less than one years there will be adjustment of rate. increase not too big, around 10 percents. while for be year 2007 possibilities there rate depreciation although little relative, " said Susilo.

Susilo Opinion is confirmed by Bohal Tobing, Association Head Leader of Entrepreneur Rental Mobil Indonesia ( Asperindo). If new car price experiences increase, so rate will lease by itself will accustom or rise.

Rate Calculation of hire seen from the price of car is multiplied with 3,8 percents % up 5 percents. From calculation the number, new entrepreneur can rate at new hire.

"Rate Increase of hire car beyond question. Every there is increase of the price of new car,rate hire will go up also. Except going up the price of oil fuel. If the price of oil fuel went up, entrepreneur rental car will increase is confused to rate at new rent. Because,the induction is clearly is felt car Iodger also. If increase of the price of car, big possibility that having an effect on positive to request of car rent. Than buy new car at the price of enough expensive, better charter, " said bohal also owner tobana rent a car.

Still, there is also organizer rental car which has not planned boosts up vehicle rate rent. For Example Mochtar from Mentari Rent a Car. His word, in three months forwards there is no plan to raise rate hire cars.

That thing is done because effort rivalry hire cars at jakarta enough tight. temporary tenant total doesn't experience tall increasing. "in this time total companies car tenancy manager quite a lot, but that charter doesn't experience increasing. Tenant total experiences only at the time of moment certain like holiday that is even also only in first day of idulfitri. rest doesn't experience jump that mean. in this time rate increase very sensitive for consumer, " word mochtar that admit can rent flat flat five cars in one day.

Rabu, 26 November 2008

Auto loans - things to consider before you get started

For many people purchase of a car is associated with the search for a suitable auto financing institution or a lender One may become frustrated and confused if he or she doesn't understand the whole process of getting a loan. There are many options out there when it comes to auto financing. Established companies and small lenders offer different interest rate and conditions. And its better to find out what you should anticipate from your auto loan quest before you get started.

Quite obvious that no one wants to pay high interest rates if there is a chance to find a low cost auto loan. However, its not as easy as it can seem at the first glance. Cheap car loan is a possible thing, but you need to spend some time before you find a suitable loan. You'll also need to take some steps to be qualified for such a loan. But the very first thing you should do is to make a decision about the car you want to buy. Once you have done it, you will know the exact price of the car, hence the exact amount of a loan to get.

But don't plan more than you can afford. Adjust your desires to your budget. If you have too many financial obligations and your income hardly covers them, you will most likely be able to pay small installments. Your family budget revision will enable you to avoid future problems with the payment of your debt.

The process of getting a cheap car loan implies thorough research. To make you research easier you can use the Internet. Almost all reputable auto finance companies have their web sites online. You can obtain all the necessary information from these sites. But don't get confined to one company. Instead, collect offers from different lenders and compare them. Pay close attention to interest rates and fees. Read all details carefully to be sure you don't miss important points, because these details can have a great impact on your future payments. The whole process may become a time consuming procedure, but it is worth of the benefits you'll get in the future.

Your credit record is in the direct relation with the interest rates and the repayment terms. The better your credit record is the lower the interest rates are. But, what if your credit record is not as perfect as it should be? Is there any chance to get a loan? The answer is yes. There are special car loan for people with a bad credit history. In fact, car loan is a perfect tool to rehabilitate your financial reputation. If you pay installments in time your credit score will improve and you'll get more trust from moneylenders, hence you may be qualified for lower interest rates.

Car dealers can also offer you an auto loan when you are ready to purchase your dream car. But be cautious: the deal may seem most favorable, but most likely it will have hidden charges that will make it more expensive than any loan received from a regular moneylender. Of course, that doesn't mean that all auto dealers offer unfavorable deals. They may offer a good one, but it doesn't happen frequently. (Alexander Anderson)

Driving a Luxurious Vehicle With Car Contract Hire

With the current financial situation in full swing, we have to control spending of unnecessary money, but in this day and age a car is a necessity, you cannot go anywhere nor do anything without a vehicle. We all know how stressful it can be to constantly use public transport for commuting purposes.

But when buying a car people are quite fussy on what they actually want to drive, standards have gone through the roof and people love to drive cars such as Mercedes, Jeeps and BMW's, but these vehicles are very pricey and during the current financial downfall it is not good to get into long term financial contracts, as there is people being made redundant left right and centre.

The best choice at the moment would be in the form of leasing or car hire. This way you are not getting yourself into any long term financial difficulties and the supplier will deal with any problems that may occur with the vehicle. There is also another potential positive effect and that comes in the form of deflation of used vehicles. Let us just say that you purchased a brand new Mercedes for your self at the cost of twenty thousand pounds. A few months pass by and you decide that you can no longer afford the vehicle, keeping in mind that these types of vehicles consume fuel like there is no tomorrow, you have no choice but to sell it but I guarantee you will never be able to get your money back.

But there are also many other benefits that car leasing can bring, please see below as to why you should definitely consider leasing.

First and foremost you can easily keep up to date with different trends of vehicles. Most leasing suppliers provide you with top of the range models as soon as they are released, this way you will always be driving awesome pieces of equipment.

The next aspect as mentioned above is the flexibility you can get from leasing, you do not need to haggle with mechanics to get your car repaired as this all comes in with the deal and most importantly you can set the contract term. Whether you are looking for a 1 month, 3 month or 12 months lease, there are a huge selection of companies that are available to guide you all the way and make you happy with your chosen vehicle. (Musa Aykac)

How to Prepare a Used Car For the Arrival of Winter

Having your vehicle leave you stranded in the heat of summer is an inconvenience, but having an accident or breakdown with your used car can be life threatening. The freezing cold, snow, ice, and rush to get back into the warmth of indoors all seem to bring out the weakness in everything and everyone.

Many people also find it hard to switch between summer and winter driving, and in some cases, it is just plan scary to maneuver your way down the perilous path. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones is to prepare your favorite transportation method for the upcoming cold season.

Winter Tires
Not enough can be said for the value of having winter tires installed on new or used cars. Yes, they are expensive, and yes, that means having four tires sitting in your garage, but the rubber is specially designed to stick to the road surface in cold temperature. Other tires harden and become extremely slippery on cold roads.

If you do decide to stick with all-seasons or take your chances with summer tires, make sure they aren't wore down too far and that they are in good condition. Keep a close eye on the tire pressure that rises and falls with the temperature and the appearance of small leaks. As an added benefit, it will help to save gas.

Take a Peek Under The Hood
Many people will skip oil changes during the winter. Before the snow flies and the temperature drops, check the oil in used cars carefully. Top it off if it is low. If it has lost its golden brown color, make sure to have it changed. Many choose to change it regardless.

Winter is always hard on batteries. Always have it tested by a trusted auto mechanic to be sure they will get you through the upcoming season. The test will tell you how well it is working and when you can expect to replace it.

The cold temperatures will find every weak spot and cracked area in the belts and hoses guaranteed. Look for any cracking or weak areas. You will also want to just give the hose clamps a quick peak to make sure they are intact and in good condition.

Antifreeze is one of the most common and frequently missed items on the checklist. There needs to be enough of it, but it has to have an even 50-50 mix with water. Fail to do this, and it will freeze and can wreak havoc with your used car.

Odds And Ends
Go through your first aid kit and emergency kit. A winter kit has items specifically for dealing with the low temperature such as a heat blanket, candle, food, water, flashlight, and jumper cables. The summer washer fluid in used cars isn't going to be of any use once the temperature falls below freezing. Make sure it has quality winter washer fluid. The wipers should also be in top condition to ensure you don't get those wide white streaks that are synonymous with salted roads.

If you have a four-wheel drive, test it out to make sure the hubs engage and disengage properly. If they don't work properly, it can cause complications on icy roads. While you're at it, give the brakes a quick look over too. (christin Harrell)

Senin, 24 November 2008

Used car Dealers In Japan

Buying used Japanase car and import it to tour own country, regardless of wherever you live in the world, has become much simpler task with the arrival of newer technologies like the internet. Huge number of, may be thousands, used car dealer in Japan maintain their websites to advertise Japanese used cars available with them. In addition hey provide a more important car search service in which they search for many Japan used car auctions until find the exact car which matches the requirements you have provided to them.

You will find the used car dealers in Japan who own used Japanese car for Export. In different scales and varieties. However the common types are the well organized large dealer companies and single entrepreneurs. Established large used vehicle exporter companies usually offer a reliable and professional service and of course they charge a slightly higher fee for the service. However it has been known the security for your money is better when you are dealing with these companies. On the other hand single entrepreneurs conduct their own business and in most of the occasions the dealer fee may be lesser compared to the larger companies. However there may be some risk involved when you are dealing with them unless you are very careful.

There is a solution for this problem of selecting the right used car dealers in Japan if you are worried about the reliability. The JUMVEA (Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) is a Japanese government recognized body and they were formed to address this problem of cars and car dealers in poor quality. They maintain a web site and a list of member companies. However the membership will only be granted to the companies which have shown the reliability and the guaranteed service over time. If you do not know too many about the used vehicle exports in Japan or Japan used car auction it is always advisable to go for these accredited companies. It is very easy find these JUMVEA member companies as they always highlight their JUMVEA membership in their website. However you may not find many accredited JUMVEA members as it is easy to get it. Therefore some times you may have to go for non member companies for your requirement. It may be also secure if you follow the necessary steps as follows:

  • Always call them at least once and you will be able get and idea about their reliability according to the way they answer you. Inquire the details of the company and stable reliable companies do not hesitate to answer your question
  • Reputed companies always state their bank details in their websites. It will help you to get a measurement of the company.
  • Always request for a testimonial. Good companies always have clear deals and satisfied clients under their belt.
  • Use your common sense to choose the right one. Once you are speaking to them, getting information from them you will have a picture about them. If you are not totally sure about a company do not start any deal with them and just go for another one. (Michael Le Grand)

More And More Calm With GPS..!!!

GPS (global positioning system) navigation satellite system and position determination that has and managed by united america. this system designs to give position information and speed three dimensions with information about time, continually in all the world without depend on time and weather, for many person simultaneously.

In the development in this time technology GPS navigation satellite system popularest and begin many applied at fatherland its use until for land transportation navigation and can be used individually. With GPS we can detect our geographical position constructively digital portfolio / digital map complete with coordinate information across and lengthwise with height that will displayed at gps screen in 2D and or 3D.

In service the development GPS even also here and now equiped voice navigation (voice navigator). So with GPS anywhere we present, we can know journey line which will be gone through to destination.

Type of GPS And Provider Map.
GPS likely has started to become requirement for navigation of land line, especially for car user. According to big group, GPS divided 2 kinds, that is: gps that integrated with head unit and also shaped personal navigation device (GPS portable), all has fitur and diferent price and consist of assorted brand.

But from various GPS existing in the market, several ware producers sides GPS majority still to cooperate with the side of service feeder GPS to get software and digital map that is required the navigation system, and there also that can to make software and or digital map self. Provider software and or digital map for navigation GPS which many applied in Indonesia by peripheral producer GPS some between it is like Map King, Tele Atlas and Nusa Map.

Next several gps exist in market: 1. Kenwood DDX5032BT + GPS Modul KNA-G431
Hardware : Garmin
Software : Garmin
Map : Tele Atlas
Scope : south-east asia
Price :$ 875 + $ 700
Specification : 2 Din Multimedia 7”, Bluetooth Hands Free, iPod Video Direct Control, Touch Screen, GPS Support, User Fiendly Feature.

2. Mio C-320
Hardware : Mio
Software : Mio
Map : Tele Atlas
Scope : Java, Bali, Sumatra, Malaysia, Singapore
Price : $ 380
Specification : Resolusi : 480 x 272 Pixels, TFT 4,3” Touch Screen, 2D&3D View, Daya Tahan 4,5 Jam, CPU Samsung 2443 - 400 Mhz, GPS Chipset 20 Channel SiRF Star III, Voice Prompt, Voice Navigation, Car Mount.

From so much many GPS is circulating, though uses the same digital map feeder service, visual appearance of map is not necessarily the same because all depended from software which integrated in GPS . ( various sources)

Kamis, 20 November 2008

Need Hire Cars Not Ever Lessened

FOR most of public, need of hire cars to celebrate first day of Idulfitri is main condition of which must be fulfilled, either that to go upstream and also other need for several day.Even, activity applies the hire cars service has become tradition until now, of course with various reasons and consideration from the users.

Besides assumed more practise, to get this rented car really belong to easy, provided consumer can fulfil several rules that determined to company or car tenant side.profit other, definitive society to buy car.

Increase it society need towards that rented car really have come to classic phenomenon every year it, especially when face first day of idulfitri.Public request that want to hire cars, then bloom and final be permanent effort tune for several circles especially businessmen rental cars,good that is rental car in intermediate effort scale also small industry scale stills permanent eksis during the time.

Proved, a large part effort scale hire cars estimated has thousands customer. And, bot even only crowded when approach first day of idulfitri or another red letter day, but also permanent glow in days usually. Society request then increase towards rented car, sure has been stood effort executants rental far previous day. This matter is appear from bustle in several company hire cars that begin to increase since enter beginning of Ramadhan.

Even, now supply of car almost have finished is rented. Increase that condition likes to happen in one of hire famous cars at betulan road cipaganti Bandung,Indonesian, before entering request ramadhan of car rent in rental has started increases. Then, achieve the top in the last few days this. “most of car rental here really a lot orderred, ” word a operator rental.

According to him, special fulfil need of public faces first day of idulfitri, his side hire cars according to package (first day of idulfitri package), average during 10 days or more. As for cars rented generally is commercial type like Kijang, with rate car rent average of equal to $ 320 during 10 days. " If consumer will use driver, of course there are its shave. And must pay for insurance expense equal to $ 20. If car rented during applied not happened something, this insurance expense will be returned to consumer,” sharpness. He admits, public enthusiasm still don't withdraw to hire cars even is the existing the price of gasoline and higher-mid diesel fuel post increase of the price of initial BBM of October 2005 then.

Besides because customers rental car usually come from intermediate circle, also requirement effect of car approach first day of idulfitri then increase. The hoisterous of the car rent business, seen also at a service firm travel famous at city Bandung. Since last three days was, many customer clients ordering car travel according to route which has been determined company. This travel car only accompanies one way majors passenger to one of town purpose. “ sorry sir, car travel to jakarta for tomorrow morning have been full. What if takes which evening schedule. or if you want, you take time-table morning, but go day the day after tommorow, ” said a marketing officer, when busy serving consumer via telephone.

concern rate, travel company count based on location and aim distance. more farer distance, also travelling expenses cost. For example to Jakarta, the rate now . $ 10,00/person and to airport soekarno hatta $ 15,00. Then rate for city other like Bogor $ 7.5,00, Tasikmalaya $ 6,00 and Cirebon $ 6.5,00. “ If area purpose of outside our area, will hit charge ( shave). Added again, expense of fetching $ 1.5,00,” he said.